So, if you have read my intro post when I started this blog like forever ago (Feb 7, 2021 to be exact), then you know that I’m super excited about a project called Atomizer. I’ve been slowly stringing you (my readers) along for the last few posts to build up some background so that I can reference it when I start talking about MPDC (Massively Parallel Distributed Computing).

Wow, did this guy run out of material already? I thought he was going to talk about AI, cybersecurity, and distributed computing. I had such high hopes.

I’m going to run through a quick recap of the evolution from single- to multi-core processing. This recap will likely be review for some of you, but the concepts here are going to be very important when we talk about MPDC.

Most importantly, it is critical to understand how the problem with single-core processing was solved. …

Most of you are likely going to ask: are you seriously staring a blog in 2021? Surely, being in tech, you know there are new social platforms that are less boring, right? Absolutely, I plan on making full use of those, too. This way, though, you’re able to copy and paste my code, just like you do with stack overflow.

Benji Vesterby

A seasoned Software Architect and Engineer. Benji writes about his passions in Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity.

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